Kavinių KIRAS franšizė

CHAIKA is a concept of a new generation of word Café. It is a Café, Tea room, vegan desert and snack spot in one place. Freshly roasted high quality coffee; wide, high quality and original tea blend selection in simple but smart approach, original vegan desserts and snacks, cozy, colorful and quirky interior, reused things, good music (jazz, soul, 50’s, 60’s) and always warm welcome is what describes CHAIKA best.


Business idea is simple – to be the daily pit-stop for people to have their coffee, tea, sweeten their lives with some delicious cruelty free deserts, or have a snack to refuel themselves in those busy days. CHAIKA is a cozy place for a meeting or conversation with a friend. Our aim is to be the place for everyone – doesn’t matter is it a banker or a student.


                   CHAIKA was established by a couple Ona and Adomas who later become wife and husband. At first CHAIKA was a small independent tea room with exceptional interior. Year by year they developed CHAIKA’s concept to its now days form, started to make their own vegan cakes and snacks (created original recipes), polished tea and coffee menu. Ona now is main chef in CHAIKA bakery and Adomas, having a background of management is a general manager, who does not miss a chance to work as a barista some times.


                   CHAIKA is 90% vegan café and has a flexibility to meet the needs of many different people with their different eating habits, allergies, diets, religions and etc. We offer a possibility to discover vegan desserts and snacks and prove that they can be as good as non-vegan and even better. CHAIKA’s philosophy is quality first no matter what and of course everything has to taste really good! We use only natural, high quality ingredients for all our products. We created our original tea blends, selected coffee recipes, even our colorful cake decorations are plant based and natural!


                   Why you should became o part of CHAIKA? Because it is a trendy and innovative Café model. Because this concept is really original as well as universal and has a huge potential to become a well known brand all over the world. Because this business is caring, sustainable and sincere. We care for our planet and for our customers. We believe, that CHAIKA’s desserts are worth to be known globally. 


                   For CHAIKA franchise we are looking for willing, seriously minded partners, who have a strong will to work in a place that they love and are proud of. They should really care for a sustainable and respectable development and growth of CHAIKA brand. Partners should sympathize to our ideas and look at the whole image of business not only at bare numbers. We offer a modern and profitable business model for those who are not afraid to work hard and believe in what they do. And those will definitely be rewarded with a success!




  1. What is CHAIKA business


CHAIKA – is a café, tea room and vegan bakery. It’s special atmosphere filled with jazz, cosines, laughter, chatting and colorful retro interior. There you can drink a cup of freshly roasted coffee or one of many original teas, have a piece of vegan cake or delicious hot sandwich. We have sweets and snacks for every life occasion!

                   At the moment there is one café operating in the center of Vilnius and a production shop more remote (to save on lending money).

CHAIKA business is providing people with good interesting and high quality drinks, cakes and snacks, suitable for various eating diets, for example: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free. Under the CHAIKA brand we have our own drinks recipes, our own vegan cakes and snacks recipes, line of 10 kinds of tea blends for house use including our famous blue tea with cinnamon. Having own production line as well as drink selection it allows us to maintain a high quality and create a higher added value. Another source of revenue is sales of whole cakes – getting orders and preparing cakes for special occasions: birthdays, parties, corporate meetings and many more. Moreover, we collaborate with small local suppliers to have a unique, nice and healthy goods at our shop.

                   CHAIKA does not need large premises as 20/30% of sales are for take away. For a cozy café without production it is possible to have premises from 40 up to 70 square meters. If opening CHAIKA with a production shop, you should add at least 30-40 square meters of premises. It depends on scale of production – if you want to open 2-5 cafes, production shop should be at least 100 sq. m. big.

                   CHAIKA’s products are quite exclusive, so it is not necessary to have a café in the very center of a city or a super market. Our clients are tend to take a short step sideways to come to CHAIKA. Not too far of course.



  1. Why choose CHAIKA franchise?

The following points are the individual aspects of CHAIKA, which demonstrate a strong potential for franchising:

  • Successfully operating unit in Vilnius for 5 years;
  • Profitable business model;
  • 8 – 12 month payback period;
  • Well organized business model (working as a system);
  • Unique selling point – veganism, which is a rapidly growing movement worldwide;
  • Unique recipes of drinks;
  • Unique recipes of vegan cakes and snacks;
  • Brand is getting more and more known in Lithuania;
  • Very good reputation and high ratings on Facebook, Google business and Tripadvisor.com (certificate of excellence) websites.
  • Pleasure working in such a business, when you can be absolutely honest with your customers and to be proud of your products;
  • Unique type of café – universal model between tea room and a café – to have both groups of customers: those who are into tea and those who are into coffee.
  • Noticeable and exceptional interior: colorful, cozy and with reused decorations, which is the reference of eco-friendly attitude and responsible ideas.